Increasing the Immune System with Aromatherapy

Increasing the Immune System with Aromatherapy 

Increasing the Immune System with Aromatherapy - The Immune System is the body’s first line of defense in the fight against germs, bacteria, and viruses. People depend upon the Immune System to work at optimum level or else they will experience sickness and disease. When people are tired, under stress, or depressed the Immune System begins to slow down and the body become susceptible to more illnesses.

The Immune System not only protects us from germs and bacteria, it also destroys substances such as cancer cells. A properly functioning Immune System is vitally important to living a healthy life. The Immune System is an amazing system that actually looks for foreign invaders in the attempt to kill them and keep the body free from germs, sickness, and disease.

The Immune System develops through heredity and through what is known as adaptive immunity. You possess some immunities through your bloodline and genes, and then your body has the ability to create various immunities. 

Your skin and mucus system play an important role in the Immune System as well. Your skin is the barrier between your internal organs and the outside world. You must do your best to prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from entering your body through the skin. This can happen when the skin becomes cut and bacteria and other foreign invaders enter the body through these openings. 

By applying various antiseptic and antiviral remedies to wounds and cuts, you can prevent infection from occurring.

The Immune System is an amazing thing. It ensures us that once we have successfully fought an infection, we are protected from having future encounters with the same infection. It is very important that we take steps to keep our immune systems functioning in the best level possible. 

Taking some common sense approaches such as getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating right will play an important factor in the success of your Immune System. You also need to make sure that you are practicing proper hygiene and cleanliness. 

Hygiene will remove dirt and bacteria and help keep foreign invaders from penetrating through the skin. This is extremely true with children. Children love to get dirty, then put their hands in their mouths. This encourages bacteria to spread and can be counteracted by teaching young children the importance of hand washing. 

Bathing regularly is also very important in removing bacteria, germs, and viruses. Covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing will help keep germs from spreading, and always wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, and when using the restroom.

It is also important to keep germs, bacteria, and viruses at bay in your home. Cleanliness is very important, not just for the appearance of your home, but also for your health. The dirtier your house is, the more germs, bacteria, and viruses that are encouraged to grow.

Aromatherapy can encourage the Immune System to stay strong while also keeping bacteria, viruses, and germs at bay. You can use many plants and herbs in germicidal type air sprays that will help disinfect a sick room, kitchen, bathroom and even keep insects away. 

There are also many herbs that you may drink as infused teas that will strengthen the Immune System. Echinacea and Garlic are powerful Immune boosting herbs. Tea Tree oil is also known for its ability to fight viruses and bacteria.

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