Aromatherapy to Increase your Energy


Aromatherapy to Increase your Energy

Aromatherapy to Increase your Energy . People are just plain busy. From working the 9-5, keeping up with children's schedules, and trying to maintain everything all at once, it is amazing that anyone gets any sleep at all. 

Lack of sleep is so prevalent, that studies show that over 80 percent of Americans are not getting enough rest. It is important to get enough rest every night so that the body can begin to heal itself. Whether the illnesses are physical and affecting the body, or of the mind, and wreaking havoc on emotions, or if they are spiritual and hindering your spiritual growth, it is extremely important that you take the time to rest every night.

Children and teenagers are also not getting enough sleep every night. It is said that due to the high demands placed on school children these days, that finding the time to get enough sleep and rest is becoming a dream.

Not getting enough rest is harmful to everyone and the effects it takes are not to be ignored. Besides being grumpy, moody, and edgy, not getting proper rest can lower body functions and encourage sickness. The Immune System may become slow or sluggish and not work at optimum level, thereby allowing different colds and flu to come and infect the body.

Work and school performance also suffer when people don't' get adequate sleep. Some studies have shown that a lack of sleep will alter the body's natural hormones and speed up the effects of aging. Along with those factors, a tired body doesn't have the energy to exercise. Therefore due to the increase in a sedentary lifestyle, those who suffer for lack of sleep will eventually see their metabolism slow down and gain weight.

There are many different reasons why people sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. Some of the reasons include fear, stress, anxiety, depression, too much caffeine, medications (prescriptions and non), stimulating herbs, or physical pain. 

People may have a difficult time falling asleep if they have a condition known as Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is characterized by a lapse in the respiratory system and will interrupt the process of breathing during times of sleep. People with Sleep Apnea may wake periodically throughout the night, just to begin breathing again.

For people who suffer from any of these conditions they may feel as if they are trapped in a never-ending cycle. First, they need to work or go to school, yet they don't have the energy to stay awake and focused. They aren't receiving the proper rest that they need to function on their optimum level. They spend their days exhausted, waiting for nigh to come. Then, when nighttime comes along, the cycle begins again, and the person can't fall asleep.

There are some herbal remedies that you can take to help stimulate the mind and increase your energy level throughout the day. To begin with, you can make your own inhaling oil from Juniper, Peppermint, and Geranium. This herbal formula can be mixed and placed on the end of an inhalant tube. It will stimulate the mind and body by increasing blood flow and promoting self-awareness.

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