Lemon Essential Oil and Water Purification

Lemon Essential Oil and Water Purification 

Lemon Essential Oil and Water Purification - When we're at home, we take our drinking water for granted – we know the water quality. However, when we travel, drinking water is sometimes a concern. Will it be available when we want it? And can we trust the quality? Do we dare to drink the tap water?

To answer this problem, some travelers pack a portable water purifier and some people take along a bottle of lemon essential oil. Why are some travelers using the lemon essential oil? 

1. SIZE 

 With the current air travel restrictions on luggage – weight, size, number – opting for a bottle of lemon oil, which occupies less than two cubic inches of packing space, makes sense. Once at your destination and out of the airport, you can easily put the bottle in a pocket, purse or wallet. 


 A  15 millimeter size bottle of essential lemon oil typically contains about 280 to 300 drops. If you use one drop for each glass of water, a large amount of water is purified. Of course, sometimes more than one drop comes out, and some people prefer to use 2-3 drops. Your bottle of lemon oil should easily last for a two week vacation 

 3. TASTE 

 If you like the refreshing taste of lemon, you're in luck!  It is a very popular flavor.

 4. More than Great Taste – Lemon Essential Oil Properties

 Therapeutic grade lemon essential oil contains antimicrobial and antibacterial compounds that help purify water. Look for the bottles that (a) give the full botanical name on the label, (b) are labeled 100% pure therapeutic grade, and (c) are identified as a  essential oil supplement. 

 What other values does therapeutic grade lemon oil have? Along with containing compounds with antiseptic properties and  it helps one relax and also has compounds that enhance the immune system, memory and clear thinking. All of these properties are of value for business travelers! 


 You can add lemon essential oil to normal water, tea, health drinks, and more. And who wold be offended, if you added a drop or two of lemons oil to your drink? For any travelers who want the mental benefits of the compounds in lemon oil, you can inhale the oil directly from the bottle or off your hands. 


Whether you’re in a restaurant, in your hotel room, or out and about, travel is more fun when you don’t have to be concerned about your drinking water.  I invite you to visit http://www.EssentialOilsProducts.com to find lemon essential oil as a part of a practical travel kit.

All of these ideas are written with the assumption that (a) you are using only therapeutic grade essential oils and that (b) you will refer to the Essential Oils Desk Reference for your choice of oils and for all safety precautions.  For more tips and tools on using essential oils, I invite you to visit http://www.EssentialOilsLady.com and click on Resources and Newsletter.

Publisher’s Note: In some areas of the world – it is still a very good idea to boil your water and/or use a water purifying system along with the use of essential oils.

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