Create Your Own Spa With Aromatherapy Soap

Create Your Own Spa With Aromatherapy Soap

Create Your Own Spa With Aromatherapy Soap - If money was no object wouldn’t you love to spend a day at a luxurious spa? Heck even just a couple of hours would be grand. But the trouble is it’s not in the budget of most of us. Great News – you can create your own spa with aromatherapy soap right in the comfort of your home. Of course it doesn’t heart to add some aromatherapy candles too!

You can turn your bathroom into your very own luxurious personal spa. It will take a little preparation on your part but the end result is worth it all. Now you can have your spa time. Selecting the right aromatherapy soap can help.

You will need to collect a few things which means you will need to go on a small shopping trip. Different aromatherapy scents affect the body and the mind differently. This is just a small list but it will help you know what scents create what moods. You will want to choose aromatherapy soap that meets your mood.

Lemon is uplifting and will clear your mind, lavender will relax and calm you, grapefruit will energize you, rosemary will clear your mind, and eucalyptus will invigorate you. Choose your aromatherapy soap, lotion, and candles to match the mood you want to set.

Shopping can be a lot of fun. Some of what you will need is probably already in your kitchen and bathroom. Other items can be quickly purchased online or at a local store. Online means no malls but you might have to wait a few days for it to arrive.

What will you need you ask? Here’s your shopping list. Vinegar Baking Soda Sage Bamboo – the live stuff that’s growing Aromatherapy soap Aromatherapy lotion Lots of aromatherapy candles – think fill the room Bath sponge Back brush Loofah Cucumber slices Mud mask Your most comfortable robe – terry cloth is always preferred and heating it is always a nice touch Plenty of thick luxurious towels that have been warmed A stool Soft calming music and a portable CD player Your favorite magazine or book Anything else you might want for your afternoon at the spa

Create Your Own Spa With Aromatherapy Soap

Once you have everything you need gathered it’s time to prep the bathroom. You need to create a feng shui atmosphere in your bathroom. Wondering how you do that? Well it doesn’t involve your aromatherapy soap but it does involve a good cleaning.

By cleaning I mean it’s time to de clutter the bathroom. Get rid of as much as possible at least for now. You can always bring it all out after your spa day. Now it’s time to clean everything. You won’t be using your aromatherapy soap but you will be using your vinegar and baking soda. If there is a window in the room open it ,yes even if it is winter] and air the room out. Burn some sage to purify the room, improve energy, and move stale energy.

If you have a screen use it to block off the toilet from view. If not drape a towel or sheet over it to take it out of your vision. Place your bamboo strategically where you will see it and be able to enjoy it. Gather up your spa supplies including your mask, cucumber slices, aromatherapy soap and candles.

We’re assuming you have picked your afternoon and your time slot so now you need to let the rest of your family or roomies know that the bathroom will not be available for the a few hours. Hopefully there won’t have to be any interruptions.

Okay it’s time for your spa afternoon to start. Go into the bathroom and light all the candles, unwrap the aromatherapy soap so that the scent starts to waft through the room. Towels are warmed, robe is warmed. Not it’s time to lock the door and enter your day at the spa.

Start playing your calming music. Run your bath, get it soak as long as you want. Cucumber treat your eyes, mud mask your face, and enjoy those aromatherapy soaps. Give your hair a hot oil treatment and wrap your hair in a warm towel. Paint your nails if you like, enjoy your book, or just lie back and re-lax! This is your time to pamper yourself.

When your time is over crawl into that warm bathrobe, wrap up your aromatherapy soap, blow out your candles, and book your appointment for your next spa day. After all don’t you deserve a spa day at least once a month?

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