Making your own Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts

Making your own Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts

Making your own Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salts - The Dead Sea has been revered for its beautifying properties. Many tourists visit the Dead Sea and bring home as much of this treasured mineral rich salt as they can carry. Ancient beauties such as Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba were said to have bathed in its waters for healing, purification, and its skin rejuvenating effects. Today, thanks to modern technology and advancements, one doesn’t have to trek to the Dead Sea to enjoy its benefits. You can purchase Dead Sea Salts and create your own Aromatherapy Herbal Dead Sea Salts for bathing.

By combining the essential oils of various herbs with Dead Sea Salts, you will have a luxurious bath that will cleanse and restore vital nutrients and minerals to your skin. Essential oils are concentrated forms of plants and herbs and when using them with your Dead Sea Salts, you should make sure that you are using small amounts of oil and that you have read the safety labels to ensure that they won’t irritate your skin.

Dead Sea Salt is preferable to other salts due to the high mineral content found in the Dead Sea, however you can also use Epsom Salt and Sea Salt to make other bath salts. The Dead Sea is revered for its amazing proportion of mineral content. Where other seas have 3% salt content, the Dead Sea is a staggering 27% salt content. The Dead Sea also contains high quantities of Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium.

There are many different herbal essential oils that you can choose from to create your own customized Dead Sea Salts. Try adding between 10-20 drops of your favorite oil to one cup of Dead Sea salts. If you want to create Dead Sea salts that will stimulate the senses and help promote brain function try adding Cedarwood, Sage, or Vetiver essential oils.

A wonderful Aromatherapy Bath that you can create with Dead Sea salts will enhance feelings of joy and peace. Add a few drops of each of these oils to one cup of Dead Sea Salts: Tangerine, Orange, Patchouli, Nutmeg, and Ylang Ylang. The scent of this blend is spicy and tangy and will stimulate your senses as it soothes your muscles.

Another fabulous and energizing bath can be made by blending Orange Oil, Vetiver, Clary Sage, and Jasmine Oil, add a few drops of each to one cup of Dead Sea salts and you will find that this bath will revitalize and give you a new burst of energy.

For a relaxing bath, try blending Lavender and Chamomile then add these to your salts.

Once you experience the healing and therapeutic benefits from Aromatherapy baths, you will want to make sure that you add these baths to your routine regularly. Always make sure that your water isn’t too hot, and that you let the Dead Sea Salts dissolve in the water before entering.

You will also be amazed at how aromatic your baths will be simply by using just one Essential Oil. Some favorites include Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Freesia, Raspberry, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang.

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