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Essential Oil Candles - Almost everyone likes the fragrance of burning candles; but why is it that some smell more intense than others do? It is because of what is used to create the scent and the most intense and therapeutic of all are essential oil candles. These types of candles smell so good that you can detect their fragrance before even lifting an unlit candle to your nose.

What Types of Ingredients to Look for When Purchasing Essential Oil Candles

When you buy cheap candles that use artificial ingredients you can smell the difference. Many times all you smell is perfumed wax. When you are looking to purchase essential oil candles, expect to pay a little more. 

You will find the added cost is well worth paying as your essential oil candles will permeate the room with their delicious fragrance. If you have pets and this is especially true for those who keep birds, finding a candle that doesn't threaten their life can be hard. They are very sensitive to toxins and using an essential oil candle that is made from high quality, all natural ingredients can be one way you can ensure their continued good health. 

The material used to make the wick can be toxic to your bird too. Find essential oil candles that use only cotton or hemp to make the candle wick. Ensure that no metal or lead is used. You can buy essential oil candles that are made of 100% soy wax. Using all natural ingredients can make for an environmentally friendly product.

Essential Oil Candle Products

You can purchase essential oil candles in the same variety of styles and designs as you would a conventional candle. You can purchase votives, tins, pillars, or essential oil candles in glass. You can find tapers such as bayberry for Christmas and pumpkin spice for Thanksgiving. 

You can enjoy the fragrance of cedar wood, spearmint, pure vanilla, cinnamon leaf as well as a variety of blends and other soothing scents. You can find essential oil candles in a wide range of styles to suit the decor or any room perfectly. You can give the gift of essential oil candles that will have the receiver thinking of you each time they breathe in the beautiful scent. You can find many unique gift ideas for others who love essential oil candles as much as you do. 

Paying a little bit more for pure candles made from high quality ingredients and essential oils, is a price worth paying for the gorgeous aromas that will fill your home, making it a cozy and warm place to return to each evening.

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