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Candles And Aromatic Incense - Most incense is made for the same purpose as scented candles, and when candles and aromatic incense are used at the same time, they can provide an intense presentation of the selected aroma. 

While some of the lesser expensive products contain artificial chemical versions of the scent, candles and aromatic incense using true essential oils can provide many medicinal benefits in addition to their aromatic effects.

There are some key things to remember when burning candles and aromatic incense and with candles the main concerning is not lighting it unless these is going to be sufficient time for it to burn a complete layer from the top of the candle. 

Typically, an average aromatherapy candle, three inches in diameter will take about five hours to completely burn level across the top. By allowing this to happen the user receives the full benefit of the scent in the candle and there will be no pillaring on the edges, reaching up the sides of the candleholder.

When a candle is extinguished too soon, there will be a depression in the center of the candle wax, which can hold a puddle of wax making subsequent burnings difficult. It may be necessary to carve a spot around the wick in order to get it lit. 

Using candles and aromatic incense can have many benefits, and done right can make it safer.

Charcoal And Cones Difficult To Extinguish

Using cheaper blends of fragrances for candles and aromatic incense will make putting them out in mid-use more tolerable, but charcoal and cone incense will basically be ruined if extinguished too soon. 

Insuring there is enough time for a complete, efficient burn before lighting the incense, will enable the user to realize the most benefit from their investment.

The healing power of aromatherapy is often discussed and many believe that the more aroma that is absorbed with the burning of candles and aromatic incense the better the powers and the quicker the user will realize the medicinal benefits. While it may be ideal to use the same scent in both candles and aromatic incense, complimenting scents can also be used to provide benefits for more than one problem.

For example, lavender is known to provide a calming effect while peppermint can help clear the mind, getting ready to accept new ideas. By using candles and aromatic incense of these two fragrances the relaxation of lavender combined with the mind-clearing qualities of peppermint, can quickly revive a person and have them ready for more in short order.

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